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NHS England has worked with twelve NHS organisations to create a new Health and Wellbeing Framework and accompanying diagnostic tool to help NHS organisations plan and implement their own approach for improving staff health and wellbeing. The framework is divided into two sections, organisational enablers and health interventions.

Interventions fall under two categories: Prevention and self-management — these are approaches to keep people well at work through good working conditions, timely training and information and the skills needed for self-management. Framework The Health and Wellbeing Framework in an interactive document that makes the case for staff health and wellbeing, sets out clear actionable steps for each of the 14 areas and includes guidance on how organisations can plan and deliver a staff health and wellbeing plan.

Diagnostic tool The diagnostic tool has been created to help you assess your organisation against the Health and Wellbeing Framework. Through a series of questions the tool allows you to quickly identify the areas to focus on in order to improve health and wellbeing in your organisation.

Targeted support — these are targeted, clinically appropriate interventions for staff in need of specific healthcare and support, such as counselling and physiotherapy. Organisational enablers The enablers, many of which are core to organisational development, are also the essential building blocks of good staff health and wellbeing NICE Guidance, Health interventions The three health areas mental health, musculoskeletal and healthy lifestyles have emerged through working with NHS organisations and reviewing national data on absence, presenteeism and the staff survey.

The tool is designed to be completed in sections or as a whole and we recommend completing the diagnostic process with your health and wellbeing steering group or equivalent and board lead for staff health and wellbeing.

The framework and diagnostic tool have been designed to be used in a flexible way to meet the needs of your organisation. Investing in staff health and wellbeing not only delivers benefits for your organisation, but ultimately for the patients in your care.

They are the leadership, structural and cultural essentials that need to be in place. We suggest a balance of both approaches based on organisational need.

Framework Agreements & Support

You can use these resources in total or in part to start, revise or re-launch a programme.Parents; Service Planning. Many Honor Society students find their service activities to be among the most rewarding experiences they have as members.

NHS ENGLAND Direct Commissioning Essex Area Team October More details including Vision & Purpose, Organisational Structure and NHS England Business Plan on: 2.

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3. NHS England – Essex Area Team • The Essex Area Team is in the Midlands and East Region Strategic Framework which will include. NHS Direct NHS DIRECT IN ENGLAND Photos by kind permission from the Department of Health.

better planning of the roll-out.

NHS Health and Wellbeing Framework

The software system has worked well, 8 A comprehensive framework of detailed objectives for the service has yet to be set. Without them, it is difficult for NHS Direct to judge its overall success as. NHS Direct tracks its business plan objectives on a monthly basis.

Key performance indicators are reported to the Board and Department of Health A new rostering review framework has been implemented, highlighting rostering issues at a regional and national level including hotspots, rostering. DH - NHS England Framework Agreement Whilst the SDS role is facilitative and recognises the need for direct engagement between NHS England and other parts of the Department and In turn, NHS England produces a business plan before the start of each financial year.

This sets out how NHS England proposes to meet its legal. NHS Wales Planning Framework Guidance to strengthen and develop medium term planning for Local Health Boards and Trusts.

Health in Wales

This framework has been developed by a professional group across the Welsh Government and NHS Wales, in response to an identified need for more effective planning.

NHS Direct Wales; NHS England.

Business planning framework nhs direct
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