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Letter from Cotton Mather to William Stoughton, September 2, On September 2,after eleven of the accused had been executed, Cotton Mather wrote a letter to Chief Justice William Stoughton congratulating him on "extinguishing of as wonderful a piece of devilism as has been seen in the world" and claiming that "one half of my endeavors to serve you have not been told or seen.

Warren has asserted cotton mather writing assignment the witch trial was just one episode "in a busy life and scarcely touch[ed] him at center.

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All recovered in about a week. By the beginning of the 18th century, the Royal Society in England was discussing the practice of inoculation, and the smallpox epidemic in spurred further interest.

Mather is often remembered for his role in the Salem witch trials, primarily because he lent his support to the persecution of witches. The only reason Mather had had success in it, he said, was because Mather had used it on children, who are naturally more resilient.

During this era, public authorities in Massachusetts dealt with the threat primarily by means of quarantine. His segregation of the wicked only bolsters his firm belief in the purity of his community.

Cotton Mather seems to take credit for the varied responses when anonymously celebrating himself years later: Character, reason, common sense, were swept away. Mather uses the witch episode as a unifying catastrophe, something that rekindled the religious flame in his people. Like Poole, Morison suggests Calef had an agenda against Mather, without providing supporting evidence.

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For this reason, its practice violated the natural laws of medicine, transforming health care practitioners into those who harm rather than heal. As news rolled in from town to town and correspondence arrived from overseas, reports of horrific stories of suffering and loss due to smallpox stirred mass panic among the people.

Bradford alienated one, defining the identity of his group.

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He wrote on subjects as varied as the weather, children, drunkenness, and political reform. Sir William Phipsgovernor of the newly chartered Province of Massachusetts Bayappointed his lieutenant governor, William Stoughtonas head of a special witchcraft tribunal and then as chief justice of the colonial courts, where he presided over the witch trials.

Born to two distinguished Massachusetts families, he served as a prominent minister at the Old North Church in Boston, as did his father, Increase Mather, and became an influential leader in the Puritan community.

Cotton Mather

New England suffered smallpox epidemics in—90, and Mr Cotton Mather, was the most active and forward of any Minister in the Country in those matters, taking home one of the Children, and managing such Intreagues with that Child, and after printing such an account of the whole, in his Memorable Providences, as conduced much to the kindling of those Flames, that in Sir Williams time threatened the devouring of this Country.

These have allowed scholars a better understanding of Puritan ideology and offer a rare glimpse into the daily life of seventeenth-century America. Both the Mather and Cotton families occupied positions of influence and prestige within the Puritan community and Mather enjoyed such privileges as a Harvard University education ABMA Catholic washerwoman Goody Glover was convicted of witchcraft and executed in this case.

God showed his anger and disappointment with the transgressions of the Puritans through physical acts such as storms and disease.

Mather referred to George Burroughs [17] as a "very puny man" whose "tergiversations, contradictions, and falsehoods" made his testimony not "worth considering". Let him try another boy Mather was named after his maternal grandfather John Cotton.Increase Mather, the youngest son of the Reverend Richard Mather () of Dorchester, and the father of Cotton Mather (), has been described as the "foremost American Puritan" of his generation.

All of these writing assignments will be collected on the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL. Poetry Response Sample: Inoculation Susan Donnelly Cotton Mather studied small pox for a while, instead of sin.

Boston was rife with it. Not being ill himself, thank Providence, but one day asking his slave, Onesimus, Summer Journal Assignment.

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Creative Writing/William Bradford and Cotton Mather term paper Creative Writing term papers Disclaimer: Free essays on Creative Writing posted on this site were donated by anonymous users and are provided for informational use only. analyze what Cotton Mather means in the following passage from The Wonders of the Invisible World.

In your response, please think about how this passage fits into the American context of what Puritans believed and why they were so intent on settling and subduing this “new” land. Writing Assignment # Teacher will review the McCarthy era.

A line of connection will be drawn from Joseph McCarthy’s naming of Communists to Cotton Mather’s sentencing of Martha Carrier, through Hester on the scaffold, to John Proctor on trial, asked to name names.

Students will be asked to imagine themselves in Salem in Cotton Mather's Writings: Magnalia Christi Americana, Pillars of Salt & Other Writings Chapter 3 / Lesson 10 Transcript Video.

Cotton mather writing assignment
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