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Polar Covalent Bond When oxygen and hydrogen atoms are brought together the difference in their electronegativities is not sufficient to yield ions.

Even in the concrete jungle of New York City a red flower, a green tree will break the harshness of dirty grey concrete, glass and neon. The water molecule is considered a Description essay of water molecule because the positive and negative regions are not evenly distributed around a center point.

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They serve as stopping places for the caravans, and often contain villages. This special bond is responsible for most of the unusual properties of water: Arsenic contaminated water made the problem more grave.

The water molecule consists of the elements hydrogen and oxygen. Physically, it is clear, bright and sparkling. Water obtained from this source is the best and safest for drinking purpose.

The bond formed is intermediate between a fully ionic bond and a purely covalent bond. But the reservoirs usually furnish a fairly good quality of water.

By Samar Choudhury Water Introduction: If water were not transparent, light could not penetrate through cellular protoplasm into chloroplasts to drive photosynthesis in plants, you would be blind because light could not penetrate through the vitreous humor to the retina of your eyes, and light could not penetrate into lakes to allow growth of phytoplankton.

The polarity of the water molecule makes mutual attraction between water molecules possible. This would have a dramatic cooling effect globally and would impact all life on earth.

Rain water tends to become impure as it passes through the atmosphere. Water is involved in the cycling of all other material by living things both on a local and global scale.

It is the hydrogen bonding that occurs between water molecules that accounts for many of the remarkable and vital properties of water that make the presence of water synonymous with life itself. This may be ordinary water called light water in the nuclear industry or heavy water.

It is a basic health need. Each scenario is completely different yet each has its own splendor, no matter if it is a sunset, a desert, mountain, prairie, lake or ocean.

Water helps make urine.

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They build aqueducts to bring water there. Two of these pairs are shared which form the shared pairs form covalent bonds with the hydrogen atoms.

Describe, where you can, your emotions and feelings. That is why coastal areas are cooler than inland areas at the same latitude.

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If the two hydrogen nuclei were as far apart as possible the angle would be Individually, the high heat capacity buffers organisms from sudden extreme shifts in temperature which would be harmful to it.

The food and raw materials needed for the different developmental work cannot be raised without water.

Causes for water crisis: During the monsoon, many areas of India are flooded, causing widespread damage to life and property and this enormous quantity of water is allowed to flow down into the sea.

Since the density of ice is less than that of liquid Walter, ice floats on water. On average it takes calories to convert one gram of water into water vapour. The sanitary quality of tank Description essay of water may be considerably improved by observing the following: Water is the only substance naturally present on the earth that exists in three distinct states -solid, liquid, and gas.

Do not lose your focus and make sure you organize your paper correctly.Descriptive Essay on the Ocean essays When deprived of water, a sponge becomes hard and brittle. It shrivels up like a wilted flower, lifeless. Water relaxes sponges, fills them up, makes them soft and supple.

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Descriptive essay of swimming essays I am about two and a half feet above the water; I stare at it, and it stares right back at me. My goggles give the water a crystal blue tint that taunts me; the water thinks it is better than I am. From the height of the block, the black tile that runs down th.

Bombastic Words For English Spm Essay. Possessive Pronouns. Welcome Solid. Useful phrases describing weather (a) The sky and clouds: The sun shone brilliantly and the water in the pond glittered invitingly.

The sun filtered through the clouds, signalling the end of the rain. A golden glow spread across the sky as the sun chased the /5(89).

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