Descriptive essay of a hero

He has taught me to swim. A hero can be anyone we look up to. He loves to travel and that is why we both always go to long distant places sometimes abroad on vacations. Single mothers who deny themselves food and clothes to send their children to college, couples who adopt children, a person who donates his kidney to save the brother, children who put their careers on hold to take care of their sick parents, people who sacrifice their dreams to support the loved ones, cancer patients who continue to fight for their life — these are the examples of heroes around us.

Essay on My Dad My Hero

He has showed me the way to achieve success. He wants me to experience the world because he believes that travelling is an education in itself. When I was at the age of 10 I took my first flight to Sydney. Click the "Share Your Story" button to upload your essay. We often talk about fictional characters with supernatural powers as heroes.

Things that I fail to reveal out to my close friends, I can easily discuss them with my Dad. There are more heroes around us than we think. The heroes make us find and develop our best qualities and share our experience with other people who need it. Heroes make sacrifices for others, no matter small or enormous ones.

We feature a new writing prompt each month about a real-world issue important to high school and college students. From Lady Gaga to Oprah to Gandhi to their English teacher, over 2, students visited our writing contest and hundreds of high school and college students nominated a personal hero by submitting a word essay.

Soldiers, firefighters, volunteers are also often called the heroes. At weekends he loves to play with me the whole day. They love the feeling to help other people and try not to miss the opportunity to be useful and sympathetic.

According to him his experience has helped him to broaden his horizons. That is the main reason why they receive the respect, recognition and support for their future great deals. I am his only son. Heroes motivate us to realize our assets and make our small contribution into the good deeds.

To find them, look at your parents, neighbours and friends. He has taught me what life is all about. When we see the Red Cross volunteers, the dangers these men and women face, their extreme courage, we respect them and also want to help others.

Descriptive Hero

According to a Meriam-Webster Dictionary, a hero is a person who is greatly admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities. Heroes change the world.

I also wish to see him in good health for the rest of my life. Maybe one day someone will call you his hero. Share Your Hero Story: Whenever I need his help, he is always available for me. But what really is a hero?

Very often they are not prepared for what they would experience, but always make the right and decent decisions, even in the most difficult and confusing situations.

He is a loving father and the most gracious person I have ever seen in my life. Does heroism always require the physical strength, or are there other important qualities that define a hero? Take a moment to read the winning essay below My Hero is Friedl Dicker-Brandeis and have some fun exploring the teen essay finalists or any of the other hero nominations featuring personal, public and famous people.

Heroes can be real or fictional, they can be someone we see every day or have met once in our life, they can be male or female, children or grown-ups.Descriptive essays, derived from the word describe, is a genre of essay that asks the student to describe something—object, person, place, experience, emotion, situation, etc.

Writers use the descriptive essay to create a vivid picture of a person, place, or thing. Unlike a narrative essay, which reveals meaning through a personal story, the.

Essay on What is the Definition of a Hero? - What is the Definition of a Hero. When one thinks of heroes, names such as Ghandi, Martin Luther King, and Mother Theresa often come to mind.

A Descriptive Paper About a Hero. Topics: Mother Descriptive Essay clouds in the distance. Descriptive statistics The measures of central tendency can be measured by arithmetic mean, median and mode. The most common of the three is the arithmetic mean.

How to Write a Descriptive Essay on an Epic Hero

Since the United States population has over one million people data collected. Before you begin writing, plot out and outline your essay. Each epic hero is complex and layered, and it’s important that you’re aware of which aspects of the hero’s character, actions and legacy you’ll be responding to in your descriptive essay.

Essay on My Dad My Hero. My Dad is my real hero because he is the most special person in my life. He is a very good athlete & an artist. He is a Civil Engineer by profession.

At weekends he loves to play with me the whole day. During weekdays we work hard & spend maximum time working at his office. Telling a meaningful story about the hero is the best strategy for manipulating the audience into feeling a specific way about him.

Scour for Adverbs/Adjectives Removing all extraneous modifiers while editing is an effective way to clean up a descriptive essay.

Descriptive essay of a hero
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