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The novel is an initiation story rather than a classic coming-of-age narrative, since Nick Carraway is clearly an adult at the beginning of the novel. By doing this, Fitzgerald is able to outline major themes in the novel, including facial expressions, honesty, and balance.

In The Great Gatbsy, how does Nick experience a coming-of-age?

They seem to stare down at the world blankly, without the need for meaning that drives the human characters of the novel. Although outside accounts sometimes skim over the less tasteful aspects of his life, Fitzgerald cannot help but betray his true nature to the reader, if only unwittingly.

She even turns her head away from her true love, Gatsby, since she wants to keep living her materialistic lifestyle. Hemingway describes her negative influence on Fitzgerald: Moreover, the uncertainty in his voice parallels the fact that although his hope is mostly gone, it still exists, like the thin drizzle outside.

When Daisy is unable to do this, Gatsby declares that Daisy is going to leave Tom. It is this act that Fitzgerald believes truly defines our nature: He loves the idea of Daisy because she is the embodiment of wealth and the ideal lifestyle of continuous excess. Even more importantly, it signifies the power of final lines to solidify everything previously stated into one sentence from which the reader may grow.

The Great Gatsby

Significantly, Gatsby is not certain that he is acting wisely because he, Gatsby, has wanted this meeting for so long and so much. Most clearly and powerfully, however, the outline of lightness through positive imagery and darkness through negative imagery is presented in the final lines of each chapter.

When Wilson came to his house, he told Wilson that Gatsby owned the car that killed Myrtle. Fitzgerald and Zelda were well known in New York City for the grand parties they would hold.

Although he is very concerned about making a good impression on Daisy, Gatsby is also hopeful that he and Daisy will be happy once more. In this case, Myrtle is the smashed up thing, and Gatsby is the one who cleans up the mess, by taking the blame.

His lack of obvious materialistic qualities in his character allows Fitzgerald to use Nick to demonstrate the contrast between the more materialistic characters in the novel.

The eyes of Doctor T. After the Buchanans leave, Gatsby tells Nick of his secret desire: The lifestyle that both Fitzgerald and Gatsby lead is the epitome of lavishness.

She wants to maintain her wealth instead of trying to increase it, as Gatsby does. Twentieth Century Literature, Vol. Then, one can use The Great Gatsby as a lens through which to examine Fitzgerald, exposing his disposition to the reader.

As the story opens, Nick has just moved from the Midwest to West Egg, Long Island, seeking his fortune as a bond salesman. Wilson murders Gatsby and then turns the gun on himself. Nick is particularly taken with Gatsby and considers him a great figure.In the novel The Great Gatsby by F.

Scott Fitzgerald and the play Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller, both authors use their characters’ living space, the house, as a metaphor for the attainability of the American Dream of security, wealth, and.

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views on his age: when the novel. A tragic romance between Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan, The Great Gatsby takes place inthe “Jazz Age”. The entire novel focuses on Gatsby’s desire to obtain Daisy, to make Daisy love him again and possibly to elope together.

Coming of Age Novel The novel the Great Gatsby isn’t your classical coming of age novel at least for the most part. This is because Nick Caraway is the only character who .

Great gatsby coming of age novel essay
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