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Hence, even when economic growth is strong, the possibility of a high inflation is reduced.

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Hence there is a deadweight loss to society. As described above, an increased in real national income follows economic growth, so residents in Singapore has higher disposable income and higher purchasing power so there may be an increase in both domestic and foreign consumption.

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This helps ease the effect of demand-pull inflation. For example, there has been an on-going crave for high-tech gadgets such as Iphone and Ipad in Singapore and as these products are not domestically produced but must be imported, they add up to M in the current account.

However, a strong economic growth is not necessarily the cause of negative externality as these negative externalities are inherent in Singapore economic structure due to her lack of natural resources and limited land.

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As seen in the diagram above, economic growth achieved via an increase in AD in the short run may encounter limited spare capacity or a non-responding AS curve.

If you are interested in having your guide added to the wiki, let the moderators know. The easiest type is to evaluate the policies in your answer, largely in terms of effectiveness and appropriateness.

Since the days of secondary schools, your O-Levels have already tested your ability to write in proper prose essay formats. E trial lessonsand witness for yourself how we hep students cope this section of the exam?

Only the moderator responsible for your ban will address your case. Also, Singapore is actively engaging in economic diversification.

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Thus, it is normal that a strong economic growth may but not always play a part in causing other economic problems. Titles must be appropriate and meaningful All titles must begin with "[Exam title]" followed by a short description or context of the post.

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However, strong economic growth is not always causing demand-pull inflation as AS curve can be shifted to the right in the long term. Your response must provide some form of eventual evaluation.

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This, coupled with limited land area especially in the central business district, leads to traffic congestion in Singapore during peak hour. Of course, beyond the policy evaluation, there are other types as well. Such negative externality reduces the productivity of business and imposes other costs such as air and noise pollution.

Hence strong economic growth does bring about economic problems to Singapore. Wiki shortcuts This is where you will find all archived information for various O and A level subjects. You may have to explain alternative policies, offer differing impacts on a market or economy.

The list of examples is almost limitless, so again, when we demonstrate this in class, you will learn the underlying principles in using examples.

Low-effort posts will be subject to removal. O Level Elective History: Be brave, and make an overall strong statement. More Essay Examples on Economics Rubric However, there is an overproduction as the social optimum output where MSC marginal social cost equals MSB marginal social benefit is less than the profit maximising output.

So, why not sign up for your F. However, the disequilibrium of BOP due to changes to X and M depends on elasticity of X and M, meaning an increase in purchasing power does not necessarily lead to an increase in M if demand for domestic goods is inelastic, especially when tastes and preferences come in.

Also, a strong actual economic growth leads to an increase in real national income right diagram. In conclusion, even though strong economic growth does play a part in main economic problems, it is not the direct cause to these problems.

In microeconomic problems, the benefits of strong economic growth outweighs the negative externality such as air pollution as economic growth affects material aspects such as wages and costs of living more profoundly. Not forgetting the variety of sample Econs models essay, for modelling as well as for reference.

This is another stumbling block for many pupils, whereby you are expected to provide some kind of judgement on your own answer. We will fully illustrate how to do very well for it in our Economics tuition lessons.

This is often seen in questions that cut across 2 or more topics. Singapore government also provides grants and funds to corporates, especially to small and medium enterprises to help increase investment that improves productivity so that production capacity is increased.

One example is the rising cost of construction materials such as sand in Singapore. When we mean examples, we mean a response that is relevant to the context of the given question.Econs Tuition Singapore – A-Level Economics Essays Skills & Tips Regardless of whether you are a H1 or H2 Economics, your ability to design a coherent written response to an essay question is simply a huge key to doing very well in JC Economics.

It is one of the most straight forward shortcuts in learning: modelling through previous questions from previous exam papers. While it is sufficient to read and understand the JC Econs concepts, principles and theories on your own, it is not so for exam skills and answering strategies.

Economics Cafe provides economics model essays which are not confined to use by students taking economics tuition at the learning centre. They have been written by the Principal Economics Tutor, Mr.

Edmund Quek, for everyone who can benefit from them. As the essays were written with the examination time constraint in mind, every essay. Let the a-level guideβ€˜s notes help you on this journey, just as they helped me.

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Free Economics Essay Samples. How to Write a Good H1 or H2 Economics Essays for Your GCE β€˜A’ Level Paper? (Yup, in preparing for the actual GCE A Level Econs Exams, we use our prelim papers from the local junior colleges, as well as very recent past year official ULCES and MOE exam papers.).

H2 econs model essays for composition
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