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Enforcement of the law marks a major issue in the subject of international law. It is tremendously important to establish as legally binding rules -- obligatory upon all nations, and enforceable by a range of sanctions in many if not most cases -- certain key principles: The most popular category is the national level where law at this level is written inform of Constitutions governing a country; at this level law is therefore enforced through a set of institutions and determines different aspects in a nation including, politics, economics a social relations.

Papers and essays in political science are all rather specific and not that simple to deal with. A Look at the Facts As an illustration, should the United States be the defendant in a case entailing a breach of constitutional law, it becomes tricky how the winning party would enforce their judgment against the U.

At the same time many scholars agree that law enforcement system is one of the key elements of any legal system. What arguments are there both for and against? This is because any given law makes sense if it can be applied to everyone.

The dilemma is in cases where the U. International Law is routinely enforced by individual States through their domestic laws, courts, and police forces. These are always called the international instruments and countries have been involved in adopting. Law describes what is good or what is bad.

Its Origins and Development The weakness as well as the inconsistencies in international law enforcement leads to the questioning if international law should indeed be law. The judgment of international law is also debatable.

Over the centuries the term "law" has been used to identify some quite different concepts. Conclusions Let me conclude by addressing another question. Countless other potential aggressors may also have been deterred. Certain scholars argue that international law is really law since it has certain influence on international behavior.

Arguments have been put across that the international law has always been abused by the super power nations in order to suit their interest. Turner, International Law and the Brezhnev Doctrine Does it really matter whether we view International Law as being really "law"?

It does matter, and I suggest it matters tremendously. To think otherwise is to misunderstand the power of the Rule of Law in promoting human freedom and world peace.

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The nature of international law. The creation of public international law relies on negotiation and ratification of formal treaties and conventions, and on the formation of custom.

Customary international law arises through the "general practice" of states" legally relevant actions resulting in stable expectations, and ultimately in rules /5(9). What is international law and is international law really considered to be law; the answer to these questions can be found in the examples of different international resolutions.

Essay on Is International Law Really Law?

Some of these examples of when the law has been followed and upheld can be called law can be found in the examples of New Zealand v. Neoconservative legal scholars and their allies argue aggressively that international law isn't really law because the nations who make it--through treaties and conventions and by practice--don't really treat it as law.

But Michael Scharf and Paul Williams, two alumni of the Legal Adviser's office in the State Department--known inside the Beltway as "L"-.

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Is international law really law essay
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