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Mississippi Bridge

A young white boy in the rural south circagrapples with racial issues. Just as long as I die right. Song of the Trees, Mississippi Bridge, and The Friendship have the same characters, allowing students to make intertextual links very easily.

Why do you think Mildred Taylor wrote this story? Describe the characters of Dewberry and Thurston. The bus begins to cross a river and is swept off of the side of the bridge.

What is Stacey doing in the story? In what ways does racist behavior hurt everyone in a community? The site offers links to main events during the time, timelines, videos, and pictures.

People were rushing home after a hard day of work. One of the young men who was forced off of the bus jumps into the water to save those lives that had just moments before refused to let him ride the bus.

It is based on the author study: Besides information about the author, it provides a list of her books. How do you know? When the bus arrived, all seats were quickly taken. The black man headed down the embankment and hollered up to the little boy to run for help. How does Cassie feel about the trees in the forest?


Describe the relationship between Jeremy and his father from the details given in these pages. Write about a time when you kept a promise to a friend even though it was hard to do. Big Theme Questions What is racism?

Bantam Books, 4.mi-centre.com students read Mississippi Bridge up to the point where Josias pauses after being told to get off of the bus to make room for the white people who had come onto the bus late (p).

2. Read to the students the story of Rosa Parks in the Book of Black Heroes from A to Z.

by Wade Hudson and Valerie Wilson Wesley: "Rosa's feet ached as she. Mississippi Bridge book report form (PDF File) Customize the Mississippi Bridge book report Word Wall Mississippi Bridge Word Wall.

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Entire Book Review Quiz and writing prompts (PDF File) Edit the quiz questions and vocabulary using edHelper's quiz tool Vocabulary Spelling and vocabulary review (options for multiple keys and pages per key). In Mississippi Bridge, she’s jumped to a different point of view.

Jeremy is white, the son of a mean-spirited local farmer.

Jeremy is white, the son of a mean-spirited local farmer. Mississippi Bridge has ratings and 75 reviews. Cheryl said: This book is short and appears to be aimed at the elementary age reader (with illustrati /5.

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Mississippi bridge book report
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