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Software is like people: Practical intelligence One must have good amount of practical intelligence in order to be successful. This requires you to be one step ahead always.

10 Daily Tasks To Improve Officers Like Qualities In You

Officers serving in armed forces should be fit enough to survive in any situation during their service. A successful leader should delegate his duties and responsibilities to his subordinates during his leadership.

During SSBs, candidates need to show their practical intelligence in almost all tests. If testing is just questioning and investigating, I knew how to do that. Testing and Police Work Require Discipline Filing all the papers and reports at the end of an investigation can be a little boring, but just as I need to have a clear picture of an issue, the accredited body needs that picture, too.

Though one cannot judge whether a person is loyal to his country or not, trained officers of SSB interview board will definitely judge whether a candidate is loyal or not through various psychology tests.

Resourcefulness A leader should be resourceful. Good common sense is absolutely necessary here. I was a police officer for ten years, and then about a year ago, I became a software tester. Communication skills bring the extra confidence in the leader. I found that testing is easier when I keep it simple: You have to attain moral ascendancy before you demand respect.

Thus, SSB officials will look whether a candidate has persuasive quality in him or not.

Required officer like qualities OLQs for cracking SSB interviews

I need to check that the fixed bug is correctly implemented afterward and that it is not a danger anymore. Thus, SSB interviewing officers will definitely look out for communication skills in the candidate who is appearing for the interview. Read the below points carefully and try to inculcate in your daily life and actions.

Genuine Respect does not come from Legal Authority. Once I find a bug, I need to report it, and discover how it is influencing the software and why it is doing it. As soon as they saw us, they stopped.

What Are Top 15 OLQs- Officer Like Qualities

The characters do not exist and are purely imaginary. Thus fundamental intelligence is Officer like quality of the most important officers like qualities. Be spontaneous, think and act accordingly.Feb 08,  · Moral Ascendancy – The Most Important Military Officer Like Quality (OLQ) Recently – I heard a few young officers expressing their frank and honest opinions about senior officers.

Their comments were far from flattering – it seemed that senior officers had lost respect in the eyes of their junior officers. Oct 06,  · SSB - Officer like Qualities (OLQs) SSB Prep S5 • E10 5 Body Language Tricks To Make Anyone Instantly Like You - Personality Development & English Army Officer Candidate School Board.

What Are Top 15 OLQs- Officer Like Qualities Tips by SSBCrack ‐ 14 When we talk about top officer like qualities [OLQs], that mean few qualities that officer must have, some of the qualities can be gained with our day to day experiences and learning.

Best Personal Counseling & Guidance about SSB Officer like Quality There are 4 Factors which contains 15 Officer Like Qualities, commonly called as OLQ’s in SSB. These 15 Qualities are looked in a candidate for Recommending (Selecting) him in SSB.

Officer Like Qualities (OLQs) are behavioral qualities that are expected out of every officer of the Armed forces of India.

The three major tests conducted at SSB are designed to check OLQs in the candidates, OLQs are nothing something related to Indian army officers, but these few basic qualities each and everyone must possess to get. Required officer like qualities OLQs for cracking SSB interviews.

Want to become an officer in Indian armed forces and looking for required OLQs to crack SSB? One must have all officer like qualities to be recommended by SSB board.

The Quality Police: Testing like a Law Enforcement Officer

Thus self confidence quality is the key Officer Like Quality in order to be recommended by the. SSB board.

Officer like quality
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