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What complexities do cross-border deals introduce? How is Palamon positioned in the industry? If "go," what non-price terms are important? Also, making an IPO seems to be the best strategy………………. Why is Palamon interested in TeamSystem?

If Elson should recommend Go. First, the question does not indicate the funds available with Palamon Second;? Then non-price terms should include the inclusion of Palamon representatives on the TeamSystem Board.

There is usually twofold confidence. In this deal there is a fixed management structure, which TeamSystem has and it is doubtful if it will allow Palamon to play any meaningful role in its management.

If "no go," what counterproposal would you make? As a result of the growth in sales, the company is accompanied by the increase in the costs. Private-equity investing is the private purchase of shares from the company and not from open market.

It has multifunction business, over 42, clients and Software Partners. The company will be dependent on the current CEO, Ranocchi, who is not able to run the company professionally. What should Elson recommend to his partners? Palamon Capital is interested in the software company due to the growth opportunity of TeamSystem as the government of Italy has a reputation for changing the policies quite frequently, thus, the growth of such companies is considered very high.

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This is using the cash-flow method. The problem makes several assumptions, first it compares the two companies, there is no basis to reach the conclusion that the two companies are comparable. The multiple based method uses a combination of the following methods, average rate of returns, average additional returns on income, payback method and the profitability index.

Both the companies are partnerships, true however, it is necessary to have a public limited company in case of TeamSystem. Market forces determine the uptake of shares and predatory purchases are common. Use both a discounted-cash-flow and multiple-based valuation to justify your recommendation.

Palamon Capital Partners: TeamSystem S.P.A Case Solution & Answer

Please place the order on the website to get your own originally done case solution. What complexities do cross-border deals introduce? Conclusion The NPV method gives a green signal for investment, and so does the net assets method according to which the company could easily be sold at a price higher than the purchasing price.

The group system in TeamSystem, the management structure and role of Palamon. When you find that the present value of the expected cash inflows exceed the initial cost of the project then you are supposed to recommend the purchase of equity. By using the figures from the forecasted balance sheet, the value of the equity portion will be ITL The question wants you to examine an investment decision by Palamon Capital Partner, a financial institution making private purchase of Equity in European Companies.Subject: Palamon Capital Partners Details: I.

Palamon Capital Partners/TeamSystem S.p.A. 1. What is private-equity investing? Who participates in it and why? How is Palamon positioned in the industry? 2. How does private-equity investing compare with public-market investing? What are the similarities and differences between the two?

3. In Februarya managing partner of a UK-based private equity fund, Palamon Capital Partners, faced the decision of whether to invest in an Italian software company, TeamSystem, S.p.A.

The rationale for this investment was a belief in the rapid future consolidation of the enterprise software. Company Evaluation "Palamon Capital Partners/TeamSystem S.p.A Case" Palamon wants to Invest in Italian softwere company and take 51% TeamSystem worth EUR million Palomon targets 35% return in single investment and 20% to 25% in blended portfololio with investment horizon epproximately six years.

The Palamon Strategy ; 1. rev. feb. 12, palamon capital partners/teamsystem s.p.a. We want to make money by investing in change. —Louis Elson, Managing Partner, Palamon In FebruaryLouis Elson looked over the London skyline and reflected on the international private equity industry and the investment processes that would be necessary for.

Valuing Team System S.p.A Solution/Recommendation Palamon Capital Partners • U.K.-based, "generalist" private equity firm • pan-European experience • 35% target return on single portfolio investments, 20%% blended net return on a portfolio (6 year investment horizon) • Focus on small to mid-sized companies Investment Process 1.

Palamon in interested in TeamSystem because it is a modern professional IT firm, has a competent team and is futuristic. It has multifunction business, over 42, clients and Software Partners.

Palamon’s investing strategy is .

Palamon capital partners teamsystem s p a
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