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Cloudy Formation Same as cloud effect; cloudy. Variation of thermomechanical pulp TMP produced by pulping that reduces energy consumption for certain paper grades by combining thermal pretreatment with chemical methods.

The fourth and final stage of stand development, following mature forest, in which the forest canopy is generally composed of scattered remaining trees that assumed dominance following natural disturbance along with newly dominant, shade-tolerant trees.


Paperboard boxes that are creased and folded to form containers that are generally shipped and stored flat and erected at the point where they are filled.

Solid bleached sulfate boxboard. One ADMT is equivalent to 0. Process of using a flat-surfaced plate that carries an image, which is transferred to a blanket, then to paper. Unbleached mechanical pulps range from 55 to Paperboard made on a cylinder machine. Rotation lengths vary depending on tree species, desired product, site quality and region.

Blueprint In printing, a type of photoprint used as a proof. Watermarks were historically used to convey a sense of quality in letterhead papers. Chip Paper glossary of terms An inexpensive thick one-ply cardboard, typically made from recycled paper stock.

In addition, they act as the interface between government and private sector and between the U. Blemishes or irregularities on the surface of the paper sheet.

These compounds include hydrogen sulfide, dimethyl sulfide, dimethyl disulfide and methyl mercaptan. Brightness A technical measurement of the light reflected back from a paper.

Capacity usually is slightly higher than actual production. Surface contour and characteristics of a paper sheet measured in terms of smoothness, gloss, absorptiveness and print quality.

A measure of bursting strength. One layer of paper or paperboard that makes up a multilayer multi-ply sheet. Box at the head of a fourdrinier machine that regulates the flow of pulp to the machine wire.

Body Type— Type used in stories, not in headlines; generally under point size; opposite of display type. Color Fastness The ability of dyed paper to maintain in the presence of exposure to light, heat etc.

The mechanical treatment given papermaking materials to prepare them for forming on the paper machine into paper or board of precise characteristics. Pulp made by a combination of mechanical and chemical processes; typically used to make corrugating medium.

Blanket Contamination Unwanted matter that becomes attached to the offset blanket and interferes with print quality.

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Writing Paper Suitable for pen and ink, pencil, laser printing or offset printing. Opacity Measure of the percentage of light passage through a sheet of paper.

Indicator of the fiber length and the uniformity in refining and formation of a paper sheet.

Paper Glossary

Silvicultural activity to remove unwanted vegetation and other material, and to cultivate or prepare the soil for regeneration. Clearcutting is also used in even-aged silviculture to regenerate an even-aged stand of desired shade-intolerant trees.

The finish is rougher than eggshell finishes but slightly smoother than those designated as extra bulk grades. Elevated sediment concentrations in water can also harm filter-feeding organisms and may interfere with the functioning of the gills of some organisms.

Vellum Finish Natural or machine finish, like antique or eggshell. Paper made specifically for use on offset printing presses, characterized by strength, cleanliness, pick-resistance and relative freedom from curl.

For the purposes of biodiversity conservation, spatial scales of species diversity are hierarchical: Commercially valuable; merchantable timber has potential for sale as saw timber, pulpwood, fuelwood or other wood products.

I Inserts— An advertisement or magazine that is printed separately and inserted into the folded newspaper. Unlike the acid sizing system, alkaline sizing does not use high concentrations of alum to set the size. Important properties include good internal bonding, high surface strength, dimensional stability, lack of curl and freedom from foreign surface material.

This initial reaction produces substances that can chlorinate the remaining organic material.Definitions of paper industry jargon, printing paper terms, and more. Use the Graphic Communications paper glossary of terms to understand paper definitions like an.

Confederation of Paper Industries, CPI is the voice of the paper industry in the UK, representing papermakers, tissue manufacturers, corrugated packaging producers, and recovered paper merchants Glossary of Papermaking Terms. Paper product terms, paper production glossary, paper technology, paper definitions from Glatfelter global provider of quality paper products, engineered paper.

PaperSpecs is an innovative resource for highly committed creatives who are in love with the tactile experience provided by paper and print.

Through videos, webinars, blog. Glossary of Paper Terms Basic Size. A standard sheet size used to establish basis weight for a given grade of paper. The standard size varies, depending upon the grade or type of paper and is related to the traditional end usage.

Basis Weight. The weight in pounds per ream of paper cut to its basic size. Glossary of Newspaper Terms is committed to producing quality papers at reasonable prices and to helping student journalists navigate the.

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Paper glossary of terms
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