Technology has done more harm than good in nigeria

Are we getting an improved quality of life? I now have a record of when contact was made with my clients and what was said. Living with a cluttered inbox is a choice Most of the manual work of organization in your inbox can be automated yes, as in it happens automatically There is no volume of email that is unmanageable.

Although the internet is occasionally useful for finding out the latest news and so on, it is pathetic. David, Doha Qatar Every new technology makes some difference in life.

As you can see we like to escape technology in our free time! Richard, UK Women in developing countries hardly have access to their basic human rights, medical care, contraceptives. My professors say that now the students can find information about anything relatively easily than when they went to school.

I am however disenchanted with the modern mania for PCs, Internet, mobiles and computer games etc. Technology has changed our lives in many ways.

BUT, being comfortable and being happy are two different things.

So much for new technology - invaluable if you ask me. I could sit at my desk, and sign up for a new web 2. We have the most fantastic, high quality television technology ever but what about the programmes.

Let the UN and governments take appropriate action, but they should not people creating a peaceful global village. Want to find out more? Catherine Davies, Bristol, England Technology has made the fat even fatter, the thin even thinner.

Is this really freedom? So difference or change is not good of itself. I want to share with the Illumiated Mind community. How sad to deprive the elderly of this useful tool, by allowing this to continue.

Nawaid, Pune, India Technology may have improved but people and society has not.

We communicate personal things, political things, desires, wishes, plots and downfalls. It is the New Technology, which has given an end to distances and gape of communication.

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An unforeseen but significant benefit! So in short it does make a difference. The law should be held on a UN web site so all users can determine how to stay within the UN determined law.

Ian, Brit in USA Yes, no doubt that new technology has changed the life and whole of the world has become a small village. Now I get to meet more people. People across the world communicating between themselves without knowing or having met them.

Mine is much improved because there are now more sources of news and communication aside from market-driven media, which pervades all of American life. I have been amazed by the information I have been able to access online.

Specially the internet and the mobile phones. That apparent freedom to communicate is also the enabler to have captured and analysed all our communications by those that rule us. Its groundless received information.

Special effects that once took incredible imagination and artistic skill are now done mostly by drones peering into a PC screen, mouse in hand. Are there downsides as well as upsides to these technological advances? Regardless of the technology afforded us, the essence of mankind can only be changed through our own hearts and minds.

Look at the features. I have no mobility since my electric scooter broke down, and there is no help from Social Services.Internet Has Done More Harm Than Good in the Society.

often found that ‘lone-wolf’ terrorists, for example, have gotten their information and inspiration from the Internet. The Internet has caused more problems than it has done good, because it has made people lazy, among other reasons.

Jun 15,  · That was the birth of Occupy Nigeria. It was definitely a wrong time for any leader to perpetrate such wickedness to the people he governs. was not against it because they didn’t know that the subsidy has done more harm to the nation than good. They know that the subsidy in place is just a way of giving money away to the cabals.

Though science and technology contributed greatly to the world development but it has harmed us more than good (war ships, bombs, guns are used against each other, cyber things, radiation e.t.c are also harmful to us) and in.

Technology Has Done More Good Than Harm Topics: Technology Pages: 3 ( words) Published: December 12, Technology has improved our lives in matters of convenience, but has not improved the human condition overall.

Jun 20,  · Debate: Science and technology has done more harm than good for society. silver and crude oil led to killing of innocent lives in Sierra Leone, Kuwait, Zimbabwe, Nigeria; caused a lack of stability in the trading system In my opinion i think science has done more good than harm in the society.

i mean look around you and. Technology causes more harm than good. Because of technology, we have cured more diseases, made our lives better and helped more people. Transportation, medicine, clothes, gadgets, all of them have done more harm than good.

And i think nothing is ever perfect and the bad effects of technology are worth the people that benefit from it.

Technology has done more harm than good in nigeria
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