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She is distraught when she learns that Lorna is pregnant, so she turns to Sumner as proof that the time she looks back to actually happened. Haven realizes how much she will miss Ashley once she is gone, and with wedding plans in an uproar the day before the wedding, Haven fights with a customer and gets fired.

They perceive everything more intensely which produces the anxiety, in most cases, but it helps them to be more aware.

Student Book Review: That Summer by Sarah Dessen

And what better way to feature it than with a student review? She has learn how to let go and move on or she will never be happy. During the interview, Gragert asked Dessen about the style she uses in some of her books, otherwise known as "effortless perfection".

That Summer Summary & Study Guide

Bibliography[ edit ] — That Summer was the novel fixed upon teenagers living with changes they could not control. When Ashley accuses her sister of being selfish for having a breakdown the day before her wedding, Haven runs off, but when she finds Sumner, he angers her by telling her that things are not how she remembers That summer by sarah dessen book report when she blames Ashley for making him leave.

Nothing major happened from the very first page to the end. She recalls the summer when Ashley dated Sumner Lee, their family went to Virginia Beach, and everything was perfect.

I liked how realistic the book is about the divorce and remarriage of her parents. It takes her perception of the way her peers live their lives to understand that she was shutting herself out from the world and she wants to start living for her father. I started this book of hers with such high expectations but sadly, they were dashed.

Haven wishes things could just go back to the way they were. After all, I was a bad kid. She believed her life was perfect back then, with a complete family and her big sister being nice towards her, and somehow she thought that if she could get Ashley to talk to Sumner again things would return to what they once was.

That Summer is a novel that explores the mindset of a teenage girl coming to terms with the past, accepting the present and looking forward to the future. Haven is the one character I can really relate to. When Haven goes to dinner with Dad on Thursday night, she runs into Sumner who is working as a waiter, among other jobs, since he moved back to town a few weeks ago.

This is when she meets Owen who helps her out of her comfort zone and reveal her true self. She was fired during the annual summer sidewalk sale.

But maybe he should have. I genuinely cared about these characters, I did! But there was almost no plot in this book. The answer was always a flat, immediate no. She finally acknowledges that the past does not matter and begins to look forward to the future where there is plenty of time to make new happy memories.

Being an author herself, Gragert asked Dessen about her anxiety coping mechanisms because writing tends to cause an author to be anxious. In the end I enjoyed reading this book. When Haven asks about Sumner, Ashley explains she dumped him because she caught him cheating on her.

That Summer is a good read. In the beginning of the book, she is afraid of taking chances because she is unsure of the outcome. That Summer by Sarah Dessen portrays the struggles of a fifteen-year-old trying to accept the major changes in her life over which she has no control.

Haven feels fate has sent Sumner back into her life to fix or alter the past somehow. He tries to convince her that she needs to leave Colby and move to where she fits in, but if she already has perfect, why would she want more? She is fed up with the changes in her life but feels she has finally grown into herself.

She felt betrayed by her dad for leaving her mom for that girl at his work. Dessen describes this term as the young girls in her books being able to have friends, look good, be a good student and have your life together and make it look easy.

Her feelings were real and understandable.Sarah Dessen (born June 6, ) is an American novelist who lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Early life and education. Sarah Dessen was born She later went on to quit her job as a waitress after the publication of her first book, That Summer, which was published in That Summer Book Summary and Study Guide.

Sarah Dessen Booklist Sarah Dessen Message Board. Detailed plot synopsis reviews of That Summer; Haven is a teenage girl with lots of family problems. Her parents are divorced and her mom is having a midlife crisis.

Her father, who ignores her half the time, is a sportscaster who is getting married to. Student Book Review: That Summer by Sarah Dessen December 10, by Mrs.

Andersen 3 Comments I realize That Summer by Sarah Dessen has been around for a while, but for some reason it isn’t the most popular Sarah Dessen title I have in my class.

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That Summer by Sarah Dessen portrays the struggles of a fifteen-year-old trying to accept the major changes in her life over which she has no control.

With her parents' divorce, her father's second marriage and her sister's upcoming wedding, Haven feels she has no control over her life, so she dwells on memories of the summer that Ashley dated.

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Transcript of Plot of That summer by sarah dessen. Exposition In That Summer By Sarah Dessen the exposition would be when Haven finds out that her dad is getting married to a woman that she does not like.

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Haven feels like her family is falling apart. Her dad is .

That summer by sarah dessen book report
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