The apprentice luisa business plan

Despite performing well and selling large quantities, fewer sales were made when selling their beer at a glamorised pub, and later attempting to make a sale at a wine bar. I have a very academic, science-led background and I feel we complement each other and bring very different things to the table.

Myles Project ManagerJordan and Neil.

The Apprentice 2013 winner: Leah Totton beats Luisa Zissman in final with cosmetic clinics plans

While not fired, he was later criticised for clouding his judgement with personal opinion by blaming the team for not selling the retro-styled camper, after rejecting claims it was not suitable. Born in Londonderry, Northern Ireland Driving Ferraris at Bedford Autodrome Brought into the boardroom: On the plus side, at least Leah and Luisa have distinct characteristics.

Leah reassured him that she was ethical and would turn people away from her clinics if the treatment was not suitable for them.

Regardless, her presentation ran much more smoothly, though was felt to be dry and corporate by the attending industry experts, with questions raised on the brand name and the fact that it was a very difficult market for her to get into, even if it was rapidly growing and becoming popular.

Drinks at a modern cocktail bar. Luisa noted that she had less confidence in leading her team, as of the returning candidates she wanted, Neil was the only one she got. Tim - For his weak leadership, authorising a bad location, and for failing on a task his business plan was related to.

Luisa has basically managed to get this far by sheer force of personality. Jordan - For being unanimously deemed the weakest candidate and for offering shares in a business in which he had no stake.

However, due to the disaster within Evolve, Lord Sugar felt he had no choice but to give the team "the benefit of the doubt". The winner is never chosen on a purely business level. Littner returned to the proverbial Sugar fold in The low orders they got from just the independent retailers, meant there was nothing the team could do to avoid losing.

Luisa Zissman

Interviews[ edit ] Original Air Date: Jaz - For inefficient team leadership, hastily volunteering to lead the team, and focusing too much on one item and neglecting other products as a direct result.

I think the main thing is patient safety over and above profitability. However, the team secured sizeable orders from two retailers that safely secured them victory. Regardless, Lord Sugar awarded them the win as they had fewer mistakes than Evolve.

Luisa wanted to develop a one stop shop for bakers but Mike Suter thought her plan was lacking some key detail. Myles, Jordan and Neil Fired: As a prominent doctor in the sector, people come to me and I see a lot of things that have not been done by reputable pharmaceutical companies.

He gives a long sigh.

The Apprentice 2013: who should win?

It really depends because different ideas need different levels of funding and different levels of partnership. Not only was her leadership terrible, her team criticised her for focusing on motivation than of strategy, she also was criticised for focusing on a hard-sell item, despite its high profits, and thus leaving multiple items and products unsold; those that were, did so at a very cheap price.

I won The Apprentice, which helped! Jason, Natalie, Neil and Zeeshaan. The whole sector needs to be overhauled. Most orders received, wins. Evolve - By 1, orders. Most profit made, wins. They faced a round of testing interviews to explore both the candidates and their business plans.

Their poor sales effectively made them suffer a landslide loss.

The Apprentice's Claude Littner says: Call that a business plan? A 10-year-old could do better

I have not previously met the candidates or gained an opinion of them.Dr Leah Totton beat Luisa Zissman to win the season of The Apprentice with her business plan for a cosmetic skin clinic.

Her prize from the BBC show was £, in start-up capital and. Leah Totton has won the ninth series of The Apprentice. After beating off stiff competition from baking entrepreneur Luisa Zissman in an all-female final, the year-old NHS doctor has secured a business partnership with Lord Sugar, as well as a £, investment in her business plan for a chain of cosmetic clinics across the UK.

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The Apprentice star Luisa Zissman 'paid £3,000 to remove sexy photos from the internet'

Last night’s episode of The Apprentice was the much anticipated interview round. in fact despite the fact that all the interviewers hated Neil’s business plan, you could tell they quite liked him as a person.

t a serious contender for Lord Sugar’s £, investment which left Leah and her cosmetic surgery clinics and Luisa’s. Leah Totton won the Apprenticebeating Luisa Zissman in the final. Lord Sugar chose the doctor and former model from Derry in Northern Ireland to be his business partner.

Jun 20,  · Nick Hewer defends Jason Leech due to Luisa criticising Jason regarding his role as project manager.

The apprentice luisa business plan
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