The cultural challenges of doing business overseas

Creating a loss of face for your Chinese counterpart is devastating to the business relationship and often unrecoverable — leading once again to loss of opportunity. Of course, this potentially means missing out on greater profit should rates shift in your favor. S Chamber of commerce, that are located in over countries around the globe.

Its founder, Simon Duffy, first dipped his toe in the overseas market in with a lucrative deal in Sweden. You may find yourself wondering if you can safely send female employees to certain countries. Always remember, if you plan to do business overseas, you need patience to create a strong base in a foreign country.

The Hard-hitting Challenges of Doing Business Overseas

You may lose some of your customer base if you begin trading in other countries. The year-old entrepreneur, who started his British chocolate company at the tender age of 12, was initially flummoxed by the reaction to his typically hard-nosed business talk.

Else, you might lose out on an opportunity due to miscommunication. Mitigating the risk of multiple layers of taxation makes good business sense for any organization trading abroad. Consider this, English is an international language and a widely spoken one, but a person whose second language is English, may not necessarily understand it that well.

It helped me gain perspective towards people from different countries such that I can go to any country and start working without any culture shock. Getting Accustomed to Cultural Differences Every country has diverse cultural etiquette.

Say, you were to conduct a meeting with some businessmen from the Middle East and you show them a thumbs up as a signal to close the deal. Accounting strategy is key to maximizing revenue, and the location where your business is registered can impact your tax liability.

Process Engineering There is a significant difference between a company that is multinational, and a company that is truly global. The domestic companies that are likely to see incremental growth in the coming decades are those that are not only doing business internationally, but that are developing the strategic skill set to master doing business across cultures.

He hesitates to call it a challenge though, despite the vast cultural differences. An understanding of group dynamics in the target culture significantly impacts the sales process. In the video below, Dr.One such framework, the Business Model of Intercultural Analysis [BMIA ™], uses the following six “comprehension lenses” to examine enterprise-wide cross cultural challenges: cultural themes, communication, group dynamics, ‘glocalization,’ process engineering, and time orientation.

Let us examine some examples of American. The Cultural Challenges of Doing Business Overseas MBA/ Dr. Ellen Szarleta-Instructor August 27, The Cultural Challenges of Doing Business Overseas.

Doing business in China can be lucrative, but frustrating. Cultural misunderstandings arising from miscommunication are one of the biggest challenges which foreign companies face in China.

Free Essay: The Cultural Challenges of Doing Business Overseas The fall of the Soviet Union in and the Velvet Revolution ended Czechoslovakia turbulent. Managing cross-cultural challenges in the international business management is akin to the "Hygiene" factor of the "Dual-factor Motivation" theory.

In. Cultural complexity: the etiquette of doing business abroad Overseas clients could be as unprepared for your way of doing business as you are.

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The cultural challenges of doing business overseas
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