The effects of two shaft gas

Abstract In the present study a mathematical model is developed to examine the effect of dual gas injection system on the distribution of process variables and energy consumption in the Midrex shaft furnace. The turbine powered jetfoil is well silenced, produces noise about dB at the near outside of the ship.

There is no such problem in aircraft which flies high altitude but in land or sea application engines must absorb particle rich air. At speed topping, the engine will not reach its full firing temperature, while at temperature topping, the engine will not reach its maximum speed.

This gas turbine has two separated shaft and then called "two shaft gas turbine" or "free shaft gas turbine". For example, hp class gas turbine should spin at over rpm, and if the engine is kept idling for one hour it will consume over 40kg of fuel, this ammount will be four times or more than that of diesel.

The next is that gas turbine is vibration free and not so noisy. If you are car nut and interested in car technology, you will be eager for this engine.

How ambient temperature affects gas turbine types

The impact of ambient temperature is usually less pronounced for the heat rate than for the power output, because changes in the ambient temperature impact less the component efficiencies than the overall cycle output.

This is the distinguishing difference between turbine and reciprocating engine. For a constant fuel flow, and constant gas generator speed, the free power turbine can provide relatively constant power for a wide speed range. In diesel engine, the size will be the same of a large truck.

Recently high efficient and light weight electric transmission is available and this advantage has been fading away in the vehicle drive system, but it is convenient where simplicity and light weight are important factor.

The next graph shows the change of thermal efficiency of hp class diesel and gas turbine locomotive as a function of engine output power.

This can be determined from a Mollier diagram, showing that the higher the inlet temperature is, the more work or head is required to achieve a certain pressure rise. In the next schema, the blue colored line shows the relation between rotation speed and torque of the two shaft gas turbine.

You can guess the size of the engine by comparing the human standing next to it. In bad conditions, fuel consumption may be twice as much as that of diesel train. This type of gas turbine has high torque at low speed and comparably high efficiency at low speed, so it is suitable for propelling cars and trains.

A gas turbine can process large amount of gas in a small engine, resulting in very high power weight ratio. Gas turbine is environmentally more friendly than other internal combustion engine. Diesel engines and gasoline engines are well known motive power, commonly used around us and gas turbine engines may not be familiar to us.

At the same time NGgcorr ie the machine Mach number at constant speed is reduced at higher ambient temperature. The compressor discharge temperature at constant speed increases with increasing temperature. Consequently silencer and air filter occupy large space and this may influence the cabin space or cargo space.

In Japanese national railways, Kiha turbine powered prottype was produced and equipped with no torque converter and in other counties some turbine powered locomotive had no torque converter or electric transmission. They vertical axis is torque or output in percentage and horizontal axis is engine speed in percentage.

It is very different from the two shaft engine and it seems very inappropriate to drive vehicles. The gas generator Mach number will increase for reduced firing temperature at constant gas generator speed.

And what is even worse, gas turbine consumes much fuel than other reciprocating engines at idle. Can you imagine the kg weighing 2 cubic meter sized turbine engine provides the output of hp?

This section will illustrate the torque-speed feature of gas turbine. Gas turbines produce large sound when it start up at full power while the output shaft is stalled.

But recent advancement of the high speed alternator technology has enabled alternator to couple directly to a turbine shaft, resulting in very light weight generator set. This character is advantageous for rail applications where large tractive effort is indispensable at start or low speed.

Mass produced micro gas turbine may have a competitive advantage over other reciprocating engines, but hp class gas turbine cost three to four times higher than a comparable diesel engine.

Usually, reciprocating engines are hard to start up in cold weather but gas turbine is easy to start in such a condition and long time idling to warm up.

Much part of the power derived from the turbine is used to spin the compressor and residual power can be used to drive generator or pump. So single shaft gas turbine is usually applied to power generation, where variable speed is not required.

Choosing gas turbines: Single- vs two-shaft

Atpoint, engine delivers the best performance. At full load, single-shaft engines will run a temperature topping at all ambient temperatures, while two-shaft engines will run either at temperature topping at ambient temperatures higher than the match temperature or at speed topping at ambient temperatures lower than the match temperature.

The radial and axial distributions of operational parameters including gas and solid temperature, fractional reduction of iron oxides and hydrogen and water vapor concentration are obtained for both cases.

You can experience this difference when you ride on a jetfoil.Choosing gas turbines: Single- vs two-shaft By TMI Staff & Contributors ยท On June 11, Below is an excerpt from a tutorial on gas turbine performance by Rainer Kurz of Solar Turbines and Klaus Brun of Southwest Research Institute at the 3 rd Middle East Turbomachinery Symposium in February, design, the use of advanced thermodynamic plant configurations such as two shaft gas turbine, combining intercooler cycle and regenerative cycle may be adopted to improve the thermal efficiency.

They have studied effects of varying the operating conditions such as ambient temperature, compression ratio, turbine inlet temperature, isentropic.

Also it can be seen that the two gas inlets of case B affect on each other which make the different form of velocity vectors for two cases A and B.

The different behaviors of streamlines and velocity vectors cause different temperature and mass distribution of gas and solid and reduction degree for two methods A and B.

two shaft gas turbine power plant utilizing the effect of operating conditions. 2. Thermodynamic Modelling The basic of a two shaft gas turbine is consists of a compressor where air is compressed adiabatically and directed to combustion chamber where the fuel is burned with the air, the maximum cycle.

Simulation of Full and Part-Load Performance Deterioration of Industrial Two-Shaft Gas Turbine. Two-Shaft Gas Turbine 1st Law Demonstration Lab Report The Effects of Two Shaft Gas Turbine Operating Conditions on the Overall Performance Rehab Noor Mohammed Babylon University / College of Engineering / Mechanical Department Ali Meer Ali Jasim Babylon University / College of Engineering / Mechanical Department Dr.

Ahmed .

The effects of two shaft gas
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