The northern manatee essay

This opportunity gave me and many others the ability to enjoy seeing, learning, and developing an appreciation for the manatees. Their diets consist of romaine lettuce, hay, leaf lettuce, carrots, and other vegetation. By keeping manatees in a closed habitat special care staff can study these mammals.

We can study their reproductive habits, communication with others and their young, their diets, and physical characteristics that show the difference between the four living species of manatees. I was having problems with copying it from word and pasting it on this site.

When leaving our meeting I thought that it would be interesting to write on manatees, for my mother and I loved them. These tanks temperature is usually at 78 degrees Fahrenheit or above.

As well as red tide, an organism called Gymnodinium breve, which produces a toxin that if inhaled or ingested, will attack the organs of the animal and can leave them paralyzed.

They are endangered mammals and we must respect the laws that are made to protect them from going extinct. My coach and I come up with the captivity of wild life.

We must help these animals and give them a safe environment and a chance to live a full life.

But through my experience at Sea World I was able to form a different perspective on underwater wild life and found an interest in the Manatees. I had just visited Sea World when I was away for spring break. We first started with the exploratory draft just like the other two.

Before bringing in our mid process draft we had to turn in a research memo. Manatee Before traveling back from Sunny Southern California where I was visiting my family for spring break I was able to enjoy a day with my mother.

At Sea world in San DiegoI had a chance to visit the Manatees Encounter where my mother and I were able to widen our knowledge of the manatees. The Research Part Manatee For our third essay assignment we were to do a research paper.

Sea World Adventure Park. Taking this interest in the Manatees, I emailed the Ask Shamu Team about their habitat and health care. We took a trip to Sea World where we had the chance to see underwater creatures that we may never have seen.

After discussing this subject in class and trying to find information on the internet and failing there I thought it would be better to change my subject to essay examples.

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The northern manatee essay

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Manatee Essays (Examples)

log in × scroll to top. West Indian Manatee Essay Examples. 1 total result. A Report of the Northern Manatee Better Known as the West Indies or West Indian Manatee. For our third essay assignment we were to do a research paper. The Florida Manatee Sanctuary Act of is state legislation establishing Florida as a sanctuary for manatees.

These laws will protect manatees and make sure they dont go extinct like their fifth species, the Stellars sea cow. Manatees essays One of the most endangered marine mammals in the United States is the Florida manatee.

The manatees Latin name is Trichechus Manatus and under the class Mammalia and order Sirenia. All living manatees can be found in warm tropical and subtropical waters, usually of the coast of Flor. Free manatee papers, essays, and research papers. Floridian Manatee Populations and Anthropogenic Influences - Introduction: The West Indian manatee, Trichechus manatus, is a distinct species of manatee that is found in the warm coastal waters and rivers of Florida (Lefebvre et al.

). The Northern Manatee's main population is in rivers in Florida and the Caribbean Isles and Sea. although there are exceptions, such as if the manatee gets hurt, it may go to SeaWorld or places like it, to be healed/5(2).

Marine Animals: The Manatee Essay Words | 4 Pages. MANATEE Manatees are marine mammals that breathe air through their nostrils.

Their nickname is a sea cow. Manatees are consider for being the basis for the mermaid legend. There are a few species of manatees: the West African, the Amazonian, and the West Indian. They are .

The northern manatee essay
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