The worst teacher i ever dealt with

The kids all look malnourished. Not sure actually these days if they ever did anything about it, but I think I heard she was fired.

Teacher horror stories that will have your jaw on the floor (17 Photos)

I pray every day for that little girl. She was as her name describes: Which, in itself, is heartbreaking. Called protective services, reported it. Obviously, this was untrue. Turns out he had installed a tiny camera in the girls toilets and got found out.

I think about her every day. After the first couple months, I started working with a couple of special needs kids.

Once they got 10 of those, they could get a small toy. He got me out of class and took me to her to ask if she had ever seen me.

She was in my class as a condition of her seeing the baby -- that she had to attend school. Here is a sample: In 4th grade, Adam had to skip P.

Teachers Share The Worst Case Of Child Neglect They've Ever Seen

So, to try and make things better for the kids, we offer them every single after school activity and program we can.

I was up for Valedictorian and had been interviewed by an administrator shortly before. He knew me, saw my grade, assumed something strange had happened.

I am a guy… this one parent made it very clear that this was not a mans workplace… she would give gifts at the end of the year… she would give me things like handbag holders and lipstick for Christmas presents at the end of the year with a smirk on her face she wrote my name on them and made it clear it was no mistake.

Faking child abuse I once had a parent accuse me of inappropriately touching her son because he stole an origami book from my class. She came to school with no food, was dirty, reeked of pee, and was constantly playing with her private parts.

He never came close to teaching what was on our tests.

Who was the worst teacher you ever had?

Turns out they had several complaints from other class periods of the same thing happening. F--king hell" Source Source Algebra Class Becomes A Shaming Experiment "My 8th grade algebra teacher used to pick on me for not understanding algebra and try to get the other students to join in.

When his dad came to pick him up from daycare, he would cry hysterically and refuse to go to his dad until someone took his hand and led him.


I got time out and was told "you know what to do" I had no idea what to do, I got in trouble for writing lines, she told me to write, how was I to know what this crazy lady wanted. Pasty white skin, dark circles under their eyes, just hollow looking.

23 Teachers Reveal The Absolute Worst Parents They’ve Ever Dealt With

As we were starting our reading that day, I noticed Frank not being his normal self and started asking him if everything was alright. I have always wanted to look her up and push my masters in statistics in her face" Source Source Harassment And A Nonexistent Educator "I had a math teacher who put a giant X on my page and told me to give up learning math.

Oh, and she dressed her kid in flannel underclothes the entire time I was there, which was December-late April. This has been confirmed by parents, even.

A girl blames me and she refused to believe me.No one has ever mistaken me for a pushover, however. Day one, I tell him to be quiet and open his book, and he says, "Mr.

Adam, you have a problem. Teacher, maybe I get some students to go to the officers and say you not good.

Feb 15,  · I think the worst teacher I've ever had was actually last semester. I'm not gonna give his full name but lets just say that this was the kind of man that immigrated to Canada and refused to learn to speak English before beginning to teach. My least favorite teacher EVER is my freshman year, second semester, geophysical science teacher.

He was one of those teachers that tried to be 'hip' with the students and would make jokes all class instead of teaching the material.

23 Teachers Reveal The Absolute Worst Parents They’ve Ever Dealt With. By Chrissy Stockton, July 11th I had a teacher who told us about how a father pulled his son out of school at a very young age because he didn’t want him going to school with black people (this was in Texas).

23 Teachers Reveal The Absolute Worst Parents. The last one was the worst human being I have ever known. He was a very bright student, made good grades, and impressed all the teachers and many of his peers with his talent, but he was (and is) an utter sociopath.

Teachers Share The Worst Case Of Child Neglect They've Ever Seen by Claudia Guthrie. More About the Author.

Students Reveal The Absolute Worst Teachers They've Ever Had In Their Life

December 12 | Text Source. Suzanne Tucker/Shutterstock. She Doesn't Know What Happened To Him "I had a student who was a foster kid. He had severe emotional disabilities. "I was a foreign English teacher .

The worst teacher i ever dealt with
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