Ufos a bird a plane or

This leaves us with the question whether any of the pilots reported this incident to Stanstead, Heathrow or Gatwick airports? Thus I doubt that Dr.

Did a Russian Missile Really Hit an Israeli F-35?

We can only imagine what they use today. He said in his report to NUFORC the creature was tall—very tall—and he saw the left hand and arm shoot up into the air as he drove by.

Wyoming is a desolate state, the least populated in the nation, clocking in aroundresidents. And on May 4a Russian miltary leader made a threat that Russia may launch a nuclear missile attack on U. The Antichrist is described as having the mouth of a lion, feet of a bear, and gets his power from the dragon: Initially I thought they were stars, however they were far brighter than I had previously seen.

Personal communication, February 10, I have worked on my theories for 20 years, and I started a web site in to explain my theories to the world. Many people believe the prophecies of the Bible are coming true now, as described in Revelation; the popularity of the excellent book "The Bible Code" by Michael Drosnin, see this page for more discussion of it, and this page on the King James version Bible Code indicates the interest of people in Bible prophecy.


The black of night can rattle even the hardest of bones. Wolf would characterize the Aurora thus, unless it was a vessel already used in making such trips.

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Russia could invade Ukraine and other former Soviet Union countries to incorporate into Russia. Bradley, a member of the Hayden Expedition, told of a story similar to Chettenden, in which he describes the sound as something between a whistle and a horse whine. Warren Base is located: It may be the craft identified as using pulse detonation technology for propulsion in a sub-hypersonic regime, and also uses antigravity technology for either mass-reduction or complementary field propulsion at higher speed levels.

And Putin exerts much influence over Europe by controlling natural gas supplied by Russia to Europe. Click image to enlarge Gene was travelling clockwise on the M25, around 8: But in the 13 years since I had last observed the Northrop discs above Area 51, and at their Tehachapi Mountains manufacturing site, considerable progress has been made.

Space Warfare Headquarters, located in Utah. It all happened way too quickly, though.


Germany in particular is becoming friendly with Russia, I think Germany is making a big mistake by trusting Putin. One of the most amazing features that we can see in the footage is that each light seems to be flashing individually between white and red.

A multi-language site in 5 or 10 languages is my dream: Its hard to explain what you sighted, but it sounds very similar to what Gene Harley and the other witnesses saw. Or maybe the apparent changes in shape were due to the different angles we viewed it from as it banked and turned.

It took about 4 minutes for the objects to pass over and head out of sight. If there is a third bright comet in yearI would not be surprised if it is red in color.

Weird Wyo: From UFOs to mystery sounds and strange formations, Wyoming is a planet all its own

This added to my store of information and data on advanced U. Maybe the three comets of represented the Holy Trinity: The truth is found by following the Middle Way between religions, and that is the path I have tried to follow here.Predictions of the future-- prophecies of world events, for this and future years, year, Astrology, the King James version English Bible Code, comets, Bible prophecy and the Book of Revelation.

Date of discovery: Sept 20, Location of discovery: Earths orbit at space station I was watching the NASA live space station cam looking for UFOs when I spotted this little guy. A white disk moved over the space station. flying - Traduzione del vocabolo e dei suoi composti, e discussioni del forum.

Now Look At These Stunning Video And Photo Stories About The Sudden FBI Military Grade Shutdown And Evacuation Of At Least Seven Solar Observatories Worldwide.

Mysterious footage said to depict three UFOs racing by Planet Earth is causing an out-of-this-world discussion on YouTube, as some people. Did a Russian anti-aircraft missile hit one of Israel’s new F stealth fighters? Pro-Russian media are claiming that an Israeli FI was hit and damaged by a Russian-made S surface-to-air.

Ufos a bird a plane or
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