Women empowerment in southern punjab pakistan essay

For example, Mason and Smith in a study of five Asian countries found that gender relations are heavily influenced by community norms and values Even though girls perform well at the primary levels, as they reach puberty they are removed from schools due to early marriage, fear Women empowerment in southern punjab pakistan essay security, lack of transport and mobility, and sociocultural and traditional beliefs.

Empowerment is not easily amenable to measurement and existing measures are inadequate. It is important, as well, to mobility through access to jobs and the political processto health and life through the connection to bodily integrity.

Inthe UNDP introduced two measures of human development to highlight the status of women. Trafficking is a worldwide phenomenon. The status of women in these areas especially in rural and tribal areas is very vulnerable and they have very limited access to almost all basic facilities i.

Bulletin, Issue The regression results based on urban areas are reported in table 4.

Women Empowerment in Pakistan

When women are engaged in farming they spend less of their earnings and invest more on improving land and natural resources than men. There are very few women in the formal sector where conditions of work are marginally better. It has to be continually reiterated and established to prevent reversal.

Political empowerment is covered by another study in this series. The bill includes protection in public places such as markets, public transport, streets or parks and more private places such as workplaces, private gatherings and homes.

This concept provides women with an entry point into the discourses of power. Man who is ordained to protect women by the Almighty God as per teachings of Holy Quran and Sunnah, leaves her exposed to every kind of threat, fear, misery, misfortune, indignity, uncertainty, unhappiness that one can imagine in this life.

The first ever convention of fisherwomen was organized by the Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum inwhere it was recognized that women participate equally in going into waters, catching fish, weaving nets, preparing boats, drying fish and selling catch in the market.

The control over the world food chain through the Agreement on Agriculture pursued by rich countries under the World Trade Organization WTO regime threatens to create severe food insecurity in poor countries, and women would be the worst affected. Such workers are often invisible and their work is not recognized in official statistics.

Fourthly, women face harassment in society, especially at their workplaces. Khan Tehsil and the Tribal Area Tehsil. Women, therefore, find it hard to access agricultural inputs such as seed and fertilizer and irrigation water to enable them to cultivate their own land.

Most agricultural extension services and programs are oriented only towards men. Education has the significant inverse relationship with poverty because it provides employment opportunities and rejects poverty.

The inequality and depression of women have negative impacts on society. Her rights received recognition and her status was restored as an honorable member of society. It is argued that once women are supported and empowered, the whole society benefits.

Total respondents are selected for survey using stratified random sampling technique. History bears the testimony to the greatness of women as vibrant members of society.

In the economic sphere teeming millions are leading lives of serfdom. Subject of gender studies should be introduced from secondary level in the course curriculum, provision of women friendly infrastructure and environment at workplace, research and documentation on the achievements of women and launching of awareness raising campaigns among citizens on gender and development.

This is the sector in which women are most vulnerable and highly exploited. This Bill allowed rape to be prosecutable under civil law.

The OLS is attributed to Carl Friedrich Gauss, a German mathematician and is used in a wide range of economic relationships with fairly satisfactory results and despite the improvement of computational equipment and statistical information which facilitates the use of other more elaborate econometric techniques; OLS is still one of the commonly employed methods in estimating dependence of variables in econometric models.

Women are often malnourished as they have lesser access to food resources than their male kin.

Women Empowerment in Southern Punjab (Pakistan) Essay

Gender-blind agrarian reform policies continue to exclude women from entitlement to land. Section II reviews literature on women empowerment both by national and international studies. Legally, the pro-women bills have been passed in recent past but the need of hour is to implement those laws to empower women.

Moreover, for the promotion and protection of women rights, to restore the personal security and dignity of women and to give them protection at workplace, the Pakistan government has taken deliberate and conscious steps like reservation of 10 percent quota for females, on the political side, reservation of thirty three percent seats for women in all local bodies more than women councilorsseventeen percent seats have been reserved for women in the constituent assembly, senate, provincial assembly and in national assembly, to tackle the issues of harassment and to eliminate the gender based violence.

Harassment at work place and women trafficking: Economically, it is essential to identify causes that keep women subservient to men. These measurement dimensions suggest the complexity of the concept of empowerment, and the difficulty in capturing its essence in varying and multiple contexts.

Zulfiqar believes it is not possible to address the issue of empowerment at an individual level, and that empowerment is a state of mind which has to come from within and cannot be granted by any outside actor.

An effective mechanism should be institutionalised to enable the women in decision making at all levels.(11) In another empirical study, Chaudhry () investigated factors affecting rural poverty in Southern Punjab (Pakistan), and he concluded that alleviation of poverty is possible by lowering the household size and dependency ratio, improving education, increasing female labor participation.

In Pakistan, efforts are being made to empower women in almost every field of life but in rural areas women are still living in miserable conditions. The present study was designed to check the impact of women empowerment on rural development in district Muzaffargarh of punjab province.

Women Empowerment in Pakistan - CSS Forums. Uploaded by Anonymous kDLg7OdQOM. CSS Forums > CSS Compulsory Subjects > Essay > Essays Women Empowerment in Pakistan Home Password Today's Posts CSP Members Act is a milestone to empower and enlighten women.

in Southern Punjab Vani is a custom practiced in order to settle blood feuds. CURRENT STATE OF GENDER EQUALITY AND WOMEN EMPOWERMENT IN PAKISTAN The current status of Gender Equality and Women Empowerment is quite deteriorating in Pakistani society Not only Pakistan is suffering from this but also it has become the issues of those countries which are developing countries.

For promoting gender equality and women empowerment, the government of Pakistan has signed many international and national commitments like Convention. Essays & Papers Women empowerment in Pakistan Women empowerment in Pakistan introduction.

History bears the testimony to the greatness of women as vibrant members of society. Similarly, in Southern Punjab Vani is a custom practiced in order to settle blood feuds.

Vani could be avoided if the clan of the girl agrees to pay money called.

Women empowerment in southern punjab pakistan essay
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